About the Program

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation (Award #1262743)

NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM)

About this NSF S-STEM Award

Scholarships for Advancing Careers in the Life Sciences

This S-STEM Scholarship program at Georgia State University will provide financial, academic, and professional development support to Juniors, and Seniors Majoring in Biology, Chemistry or Neuroscience.  Scholarships of up to $5,000 per year will be based on financial need and academic potential. Students must meet eligibility requirements, including demonstrated financial need. Scholarships are renewable for a second year when retention criteria are met. Some students can receive additional stipends of $5000 for enrolling in a 5th year MS degree program.

The program will provide a comprehensive set of activities and opportunities for development of academic and research skills, with the goal of increasing student self-efficacy. Students will engage in cohort-building activities such as a separate orientation specifically for them and text-based communication within the cohort. They will also participate in faculty mentoring, career planning through creation of Individual Development Plans, enhanced research opportunities, seminar courses and workshops, and facilitation of industry connections.

If you have questions about the S-STEM scholarship program, please contact:
[email protected]


Eligibility Requirements

 Be a full time student

  • Majoring in Biology, Chemistry or Neuroscience
  • GPA of 3.3 or above
  • Be a US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Individuals from groups underrepresented in STEM (including those who identify as African American/African-descent/Black, Hispanic/Latino/Latina, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, or Native Alaskan, and/or first generation students) are encouraged to apply


Retention Criteria

 Requirements for continued participation in the program will include:

  • Remain a biology, chemistry or Nueroscience major
  • Full-time student status
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0
  • Satisfactory academic progress toward chosen major
  • Completion of required orientation course
  • Participation in at least five professional development activities each semester, including two career awareness activities


 How to Apply

The application period for the 2018- 2019 cohort is NOW OPEN.

Before you start the application form, please have the following for upload:

  1. A PDF copy of your unofficial transcript (downloaded from Gosolar – print or save as PDF)
  1. A  personal statement that addresses the following:
    a)  Describe your educational path and career goals. Include a description of why have you chosen this particular path and what obstacles you have overcome in your pursuit of these goals
    b)  What are the specific needs that may be met by your participation in the S-STEM program?

Please click here to access the application form: S-STEM Scholarship Application 2018


Program Contacts

Dr. Suazette Mooring (Program Director)
Department of Chemistry
[email protected]

Dr. Dabney Dixon
Department of Chemistry
[email protected]

Dr. Gigi Ray
Department of Chemistry
[email protected]

Dr. Ming Luo
Department of Chemistry
[email protected]

Dr. Joe Normandin
Neuroscience Institute
[email protected]

Dr. Rebekah Chapman
Department of Biology
[email protected]

Dr. Paulos Yohannes
Perimeter College
[email protected]


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