Undergraduate Chemistry Advisement

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As soon as you decide that you will be a chemistry major you should come to see a departmental adviser. Student’s may make an advisement appointment with either of the Undergraduate Director’s, Dr. Jeremiah Harden or Dr. Joan Comar, or the Undergraduate Coordinator, Ms. Jeneille Grant.

*This advisement is in addition to any advisement by the honors program, student advisement center, or office of academic assistance. Junior and Senior students who are ready to begin their research (CHEM 4160/4170) should make an appointment to see Drs. Jeremiah Harden and Joan Comar specifically.

Many courses at the 3000/4000 levels have limited offerings so students who do not get advisement by 60 hours are much more likely to delay their graduation by a semester or more.

If you plan to apply to Georgia State University’s graduate chemistry program, you should make an appointment to see the Graduate Coordinator for requirements. If you are planning to apply to a graduate program elsewhere, you will be working with your research adviser.

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NOTICE: Per Federal Regulations, we cannot divulge student information to anyone other than the student (including parents) unless the Chemistry Department has a completed and signed Consent to Release of Educational Records to Third Parties form on file. The consent form can be found at: http://registrar.gsu.edu/files/2013/02/Consent_Release_Records_to_Third_Parties_NonES.pdf.

All appointments will take place on the 3rd floor of the Petit Science Center. Please see below for individual office locations.

Dr. Jeremiah Harden
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Co-Undergraduate Director301 Petit Science Center
General & Research Advisement

Dr. Joan Mutanyatta-Comar
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Co-Undergraduate Director381 Petit Science Center
General & Research Advisement

Undergraduate Coordinator382 Petit Science Center
General Advisement
Course Overrides
Transfer Course Evaluations