Undergraduate Student Forms

Welcome to the undergraduate student forms page!

Undergraduate students now have an easy no hassle way to access important forms needed for success. Feel free to print out your desired form and submit it to the appropriate person as requested.


Select the appropriate form below:

Undergraduate Research Form  This form is designed for students who are ready to take any of the following courses: CHEM 2950, CHEM 4950, CHEM 4160, and/or CHEM 4170. Please note that completion of this form in its entirety is mandatory for credit. Completed forms should be returned to either Dr. Joan Mutanyatta-Comar  in Petit Science Center 381 or Dr. Jeremiah Harden in Petit Science Center 301.

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Request Form  This form is to be used when the university has not equated a chemistry course taken at another university to a course offered at GSU.

Student Assistant Application  This form is for students interested in becoming a lab or teacher assistant (TA). Completed forms should be submitted to Stephanie Young, located in the Petit Science Center room 396. You may also email her at stephanie@gsu.edu.

Letter of Recommendation  This form is needed in order for students to request a faculty letter of recommendation. Please complete the form in its entirety and submit it to your respective instructor.

Lab Grade Transfer Form   This is for students who need to retake CHEM 1211K or CHEM 1212K but have already passed the lab portion of the course. Please complete the form in its entirety and submit the form to your current lecture and lab instructors.

Chemistry Tutors  This document provides a list of chemistry tutors. Please note that the department of chemistry does not endorse any of the tutors listed and will not get involved with any agreements made between you and the tutor.

If you are interested in being listed as a paid tutor, please submit an email to chemugcoord@gsu.edu. Please include your full name, contact number, email, and the desired course you wish to tutor.

Volunteer Registration Form  This form is for individuals doing research in a lab but not registered for the research credit AND not being paid. In this case, you are called a volunteer. Please complete the attached form and submit it to Mrs. Stephanie Young in Petit Science Center room 396.

Export Control Screening Form  This form is for those individuals who will be under the direction of a GSU employee but not employees themselves or enrolled as a student at GSU. Please be sure to complete the volunteer registration form above as well. Submit completed forms to Mrs. Stephanie Young in the Petit Science Center room 396.

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