Degree Requirements


Degree offered: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Concentration in Premedicine
Certification by the American Chemical Society
Traditional Program focused on Analytical and Physical Chemistry
Traditional Program focused on Organic Chemistry
Traditional Program focused on Biochemistry

Chemistry Majors should understand the following:

Alternatives are available to some core and major requirements. Please see a degree program adviser for specific guidelines.


American Chemical Society (ACS) American Chemical Society Certification
For American Chemical Society certification, add ten hours in addition to required course, Chem 4600, in Area G. The ACS certification does not have to extend your graduation. Please see your advisor for program planning.
1. Required Courses (6)
Chem 4330 Advanced Synthesis (3)
Chem 4210 Inorganic Chemistry (3)
2. Select additional elective courses. (4)
Chem 4050, 4170, 4370, 4400, 4410, 4450, 4490, 4590, 4610, 4620, 4840, or other approved courses (must be different from major elective choices)
Students majoring in chemistry are not required to take a minor unless their intended concentration is biochemistry/pre-medicine. In this case, the student will declare a minor in biology.

If a students wishes to minor in chemistry he or she must take 15-18 hours of courses in chemistry, including at least nine hours at the 3000-level or above. Students taking more than 15 hours in courses in chemistry may count the additional hours toward their electives or may consider completing a double major. A grade of C or higher is required in all courses counting toward the minor.

A Pre-medicine concentration is available for chemistry majors. The premedical or pre-dental student who completes Chem 1211K, 1212K, 2010, 2400, 3410, 3100, and 3110 will have earned the equivalent of 10 credit hours in general and quantitative analytical chemistry and 12 credit hours in organic chemistry. These same students will also complete 18 semester hours of required biology specific course work with appropriate labs. Please contact the Department of Chemistry for further information.
Students majoring in chemistry must take additional courses as electives to complete a minimum of 120 hours, exclusive of 1000/2000 physical education or military science courses. The department recommends that majors take computer and/or foreign language courses.
A minimum of 39 semester hours in courses at the 3000- level or above must be completed in residence at Georgia State University with an average of C or better in order to receive a degree.
See the description of this program in the Undergraduate Catalog.
The department encourages qualified students to participate in the Honors Program. (See Honors Program in the Undergraduate Catalog.)
Detailed descriptions of the objectives and prerequisites of each course are available in the Department of Chemistry. The student is urged to consult these descriptions if there is any doubt about requirements or qualifications. Laboratory courses and courses on principles are designed to be mutually reinforcing. The laboratory is the real basis for the science, but the lecture courses are designed to speed the learning process. The two parts are separated only to provide added flexibility in scheduling and to meet individual needs, particularly for transfer students. Great care should be exercised in scheduling one course without the other.

Chemistry 1050, 1101K-1102K and 1151K-1152K are of primary interest to students in liberal arts, health sciences, education, business administration, and policy studies. Students in specific programs should consult with an adviser in their program to verify applicability of the above named courses to their specific needs. These courses cannot be applied to a science degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The printed catalog is the only authorized version of this information and must be consulted when planning course schedules.

For more information about application procedures for the GSU Chemistry Bachelor of Science program please contact:

Jeneille Grant
Department of Chemistry
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 4098
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-4098
Petit Science Center 380


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