Chemistry deals with the nature of all substances and the changes that occur therein. It ranges from the study of the structure of atoms and molecules to that of the reactions occurring in living organisms. The study of chemistry can provide knowledge that will give students a greater understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live. In addition, a knowledge of chemistry is a great asset in areas such as biology, physics, and health-related fields. It is a logical basis for premedical training.

Each student is urged to consult with a faculty adviser at the earliest possible time (even before the first semester) to outline a curriculum to meet his or her needs. The list of chemistry concentrations are detailed below. Although not required, several minors (biology and premedicine) are possible for chemistry majors.

Financial aid is available to undergraduates at Georgia State University. Advanced chemistry undergraduate majors are also eligible for undergraduate research fellowship funds awarded to individual faculty members. In addition to scholarships, grants and loans available through the Office of Student Financial Aid, the Department of Chemistry offers employment to students as stockroom attendants and as laboratory teaching or preparations assistants.

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