Academic Assistance

University Academic Assistance

Georgia State's Supplemental Instruction Program offers a series of regularly scheduled review/study sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. These sessions are led by students who have already taken the course and done well. Supplemental Instruction sessions are free to students. Students who take advantage of SI usually earn one half to one full letter grade better than students who do not.

The Georgia State University SSS-STEM Center for Excellence provides a variety of services and resources to assist low-income, first generation college students who are pursuing a major (or minor) in a STEM discipline. Services provided by the center include individual and group tutoring, academic advisement, financial aid assistance, and supplemental instruction.

Paid Tutoring (These tutors are not endorsed by the department and are completely independent of the department)

Chemistry Tutors  This document provides a list of paid chemistry tutors. Please note that the department of chemistry does not endorse any of the tutors listed and will not get involved with any agreements made between you and the tutor. If you would like your information included on this list, please email and include your name, preferred contact information, and courses you are qualified to tutor.