Summer 2012 Seminars

Time & Place Speaker Title Host
Fri May, 4
3:15 PM
101 PSC
Professor Tehshik Yoon
University of Wisconsin- Madison
Photocatalysis with Visible Light Dr. Hao Xu
Fri May, 11
3:15 PM
101 PSC
Dr. Weitao Yang
Duke University
Simulating chemical reactions and redox processes in solution and in enzymes with the ab initio QM/MM minimum free energy path approach Drs. Jenny Yang, Ivaylo Ivanov and Donald Hamelberg
Fri May, 18
3:15 PM
101 PSC
Dr. Brian Bachmann
Vanderbilt University
To What Depths Will We Go For Natural Product Discovery? Chemistry Graduate Students
Thu Jun, 7
3:15 PM
101 PSC
Dr. Gregory M.K.Poon
Washington State Univ.
Sequence-specific control of ETS transcription factors: causes and effects Dr. David Wilson

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