Summer 2010 Seminars

Seminars are usually held each Friday at 3:45 PM in 101 Petit Science Center. Refreshments served at 3:30 p.m. prior to the seminar.

Time & Place Speaker Title Host
Fri May, 7
3:15 PM
218 NSC
Dr.Mark Schoenfisch
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bacteria, Biofilms and Infections: Just say NO! (Nitric Oxide) Dr.Gangli Wang.
Fri May, 21
3:15 PM
218 NSC
Dr. Richard Veenstra
Upstate Medical University
Structural Implications of Gap Junction Channel Pore Block by Polyamines and Modulation of Cardiac Intercellular Communication by Rotigaptide and HDAC Inhibitors Dr.Jenny Yang
Thu Jun, 3
9:30 AM
218 NSC
Dr. Yuping Bao
University of Alabama

Special Seminar

Biomedical Applications of Dual Component Nanoparticles Dr.Jenny Yang
Thu Jun, 24
4:00 PM
218 NSC
Dr. Gunda I. Georg
University of Minnesota

Special Seminar

Opportunities and Challenges Using Natural Products in Oncology Drug Discover: Triptolide and Phenanthropiperidines Dr.Binghe Wang

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