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Suazette Reid Mooring

Associate Professor; Associate Director of Graduate Studies

B.S. (2000): Morgan State University
M.S. (2004): Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D. (2010): Georgia State University
FIRST Postdoctoral Fellow (2010 -2012): Emory University School of Medicine


qualitative and quantitative education research methods, organic synthesis and drug design


Research Interest:
Chemistry Education Research
Our group focuses on barriers to the student success in undergraduate chemistry and the implementation of pedagogical and curriculum interventions that address those barriers. We are primarily interested in examining fundamental conceptual understanding of students enrolled in undergraduate courses across general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry courses. To this end, we are also assessing the implementation of research-based pedagogy in large enrollment courses for an increasingly diverse student body. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are being used to examine these questions.
Medicinal/Organic Chemistry Research
Our group is also interested in the design and synthesis of small molecules that are therapeutic agents for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Our current research focuses on the synthesis of small molecule antagonists of a chemokine receptor, CXCR4. CXCR4 is implicated in HIV, cancer metastasis and inflammatory diseases.


Recent Publications:
Burrows, N. L.; #Novak, M. and Mooring, S. R. “Students experiences in a project-based undergraduate laboratory: A phenomenographical approach.” Chem. Educ. Res. Pract. 2017, 811-824
Mooring, S. R.; #Mitchell, C.; and Burrows, N. L. “Evaluation of a flipped, large-enrollment organic chemistry course on student attitude and achievement.” J. Chem. Educ., 2016, 1972–1983
Gaines, T.; McTush-Camp, D.; Bai, R.; Liang, X.; Yoon, Y.; Shim, H. and Mooring, S. R. “Synthesis and evaluation of 2,5 and 2,6 pyridine-based CXCR4 inhibitors.” Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2016, 5052-5060
Bai R.; Liang Z.; Yoon Y.; Liu S, Gaines T.; Oum Y.; Shi Q.; ‡ Mooring S. R. and Shim, H. “Symmetrical bis-tertiary amines as novel CXCR4 inhibitors.” Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2016, 340-350.
Burrows N. L. and Mooring, S. R. “Using concept mapping to uncover students’ knowledge structures of chemical bonding concepts.” Chem. Educ. Res. Pract. 2015, 53-56.