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Pedro Vasquez

Senior Academic Professional

B.S. (1974): University of Panama
M.Ed. (1975): University of Panama
Ph.D. (1982): Emory University
Postdoctoral Fellow (1982-1985): Georgia State University


Research Interest: Chemistry of oxygen-containing compounds with an emphasis on that of Organic Peroxides. Reactivity and mechanisms of oxygen-atom transfer reactions of unusual hydroperoxides and peroxides:  cyclic and acyclic a-azohydroperoxides, 3-hydroperoxy-1,2-dioxolanes, 1,2dioxetanes and dioxiranes.

Dr. Vasquez is the Academic Coordinator for CHEM 1211 and 1212 labs and for CHEM 1050.  He also teaches Freshman Chemistry labs and Organic Chemistry lectures and coordinates the NMR aspects of CHEM 3100. He is also responsible for the upkeep of some of the departmental NMR instrumentation.

  1. “The Synthesis and Chemistry of Structurally Unique Hexasubstituted Pyrazolines”, A.L. Baumstark, P.C. Vasquez and D. McTush-Camp, Heterocyclic Communications, 2013, 19, 13-17.
  2. “The Monoepoxidation of Acyclic Conjugated AliphaticDienes by Dimethyldioxirane”, A.L. Baumstark, P.C. Vasquez, E. Michelena-Baez and H.H. Chen, Heterocyclic Communications, 2012, 18, 75.
  3. “The Oxidation of Secondary Alcohols by Dimethyldioxirane: Re-examination of Kinetic-Isotope Effects”, A.L. Baumstark, P.C. Vasquez, M. Cunningham and P. Leggett-Robinson, Heterocyclic Communications, 2010, 16, 217.
  4. “Epoxiidation of a,b-Unsaturated Esters by Dimethyldioxirane”, A.L. Baumstark, P.C. Vasquez, M. Aly and J.P. Sansone, Heterocyclic Communications, 2010, 16, 183.
  5. “Synthesis of Hexa(methyl/phenyl) Substituted Cyclopropanes”, A.L. Baumstark, G.D. Kennedy, P.C. Vasquez, N. Desalegn and P. Truong, J. Heterocyclic Chemistry, 2010, 47, 1255.

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