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Markus Germann

Professor; Safety Director

1982   M.S.    Chemical Engineering Technikum Winterthur, Switzerland
1989   Ph.D.    Nucleic Acids Biochemistry University of Calgary, Canada
1990   Post Doc.   Physical Biochemistry University of Calgary, Canada


Research Interest:

DNA damage: Effect on DNA structure and repair/recognition by repair enzymes.

Unusual DNA constituents: Study and control DNA stability, recognition and dynamics.

HIV- RNA binding Zinc fingers: Design, structure and combinatorial methods to generate small RREIIB RNA binding zinc fingers that inhibit rev binding and virus production.

RNA structure: RNA quadruples as therapeutic targets. West Nile Virus-host protein interaction.


Recent publications (out of 105):
•Harika, N. K, Boykin, D.W., Germann, M.W.* & Wilson, D.*: Structure of a Designed Minor Groove DNA GC base pair Specific Aza-Benzimidazole Derivative in Complex with the Target Sequence –AAGATA– (2017) Chemistry (2017), 23, 17612-20.
•Evich, M.G., Spring-Connell, A.M. & Germann, M.W.: Impact of modified ribose sugars on nucleic acid conformation and function. Heterocycles (2017), 23, 155-166.
•Spring-Connell, A.M., Evich, M.G., Debelak, H., Seela, F. & Germann, M.W.: Using NMR and Molecular Dynamics to Link Structure and Dynamics Effects of the Universal Base 8-aza, 7-deaza, N8 linked Adenosine Analog. Nucleic Acids Research (2016), 44, 8576-8578.
•Evich, M, Spring-Connell, A.M., Francesca Storici, F., & Germann, M.W.: Structural impact of single ribonucleotides in DNA. ChemBioChem (2016), 17, 1968-1977.
•Thompson, R.A., Spring, A.M. Sheng, J., Huang, Z. & Germann, M.W.: “The Importance of Fitting In: Conformational Preference of Selenium 2’ Modifications in Nucleosides and Helical Structures” J. Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (2015), 33, 289-297.
•Portella, G., Germann, M.W., Hud, N. V. & Orozco, M.: “MD and NMR Analysis of Choline and TMA Binding to Duplex DNA: On the Origins of Aberrant Sequence-Dependent Stability by Alkyl Cations in Aqueous and Water-Free Solvents”. JACS (2014), 136, 3075-3086.
•Rettig, M., Germann, M.W., Wang, S. & Wilson, W. D Molecular basis for sequence-dependent induced DNA bending. ChemBioChem (2013), 14, 323-331.
•Davis, W.G., Elizabeth J.E., E., Perelygin, A., Germann, M. W. & Brinton, M. A.: “A loop and two adjacent base pairs in the West Nile virus 3′ terminal RNA structures facilitate eEF1A binding and viral minus strand RNA synthesis.” J. Virology, (2013), 87, 7622-36.
•Johnson, C.N., Spring, A.M., Desai, S., Cunningham, R.P. & Germann, M.W.: “DNA sequence context conceals  anomeric lesions.” J. Mol. Biol. (2012) 416, 425-437.