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Keith Osbourne Pascoe

Principal Senior Lecturer

Courses taught:

CHEM 1212K Lab

CHEM 2400

CHEM 3110 Lab

CHEM 4160

CHEM 4170

CHEM 8900


Representative Publications

  1. Investigation of Plants used in Jamaican Folk Medicine for Anti-Bacterial Activity.  Journal Pharmacy and Pharmacology, (1999),51, 1-8 with P. Facey and R. Porter.
  2. Briarane Diterpenes from the Gorgonian Octocoral Erythropodium caribaeorum from the Northern Caribbean.  Journal of Natural Products, (1999), 36, (2), 313-314, with D. Maharaj and W. Tinto.
  3. Characterisation of Exoskeleton Composition of Jamaican Crustaceans for Chitin Isolation. Jamaican Journal of Science and Technology, (1998),9, 3-9 with R.G.Fowles and R.Rattray.
  4. The Antihyperglycaemic Activity of Bixa orellana In The Dog.  Phytotherapy, (1998), with E.Y. Morrison and K. Russell
  5. Comparison of 13C Resolution and Sensitivity of HSQC and HMQC Sequences and Application of HSQC-based Sequences to the Total 1H and 13C Spectral Assignment for Clinasterol. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, (1997), 35, 455-462, with D. Estwick, W.F. Reynolds, S. McLean, L. Tay, M. Yu, R.E. Rodriquez.