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Jianmei Cui

Senior Academic Professional

Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College (IMM), China, Ph.D. (2006)
University of Mississippi, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2006-2009)
Georgia State University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2009-2012)
Georgia State University, Lab Coordinator (2012-2013)
Georgia State University, Academic Professional (2013- present)


Representative Publications

 1. Jianmei Cui, Jinshan Jin,Arpana Sagwal Chaudhary, Ying-hsin Hsieh, Hao Zhang, Chaofeng Dai, Krishna Damera, Weixuan Chen,Phang C. Tai, and Binghe Wang*. “Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Triazole-Pyrimidine Analogues as SecA InhibitorsChemMedChem. 2016; 11(1): 43-56.

2. Dr. Jinshan Jin,[+,a,e]Dr. Ying-Hsin Hsieh,[a] Dr. Jianmei Cui,[+,b] Dr. Krishna Damera,[b] Dr. Chaofeng Dai,[b] Dr. Arpana S. Chaudhary,[b] Dr. Hao Zhang,[a] Dr. Hsiuchin Yang,[a,†] Nannan Cao,[a] Prof. Chun Jiang,[a] Prof. Martti Vaara,[c,d] Prof. Binghe Wang*[b]and Prof. Phang^^C. Tai[a]*;“Using Chemical Probes to Assess the Feasibility of Targeting SecA for Developing Antimicrobial Agents against Gram-Negative Bacteria”.ChemMedChem. 2016; 11(22): 2511-2521.

3. Jinshan Jin, Jianmei Cui, Arpana Sagwal Chaudhary, Ying-Hsin Hsieh, Krishna Damera, Hao Zhang, Hsiuchin Yang, Binghe Wang, Phang C. Tai “Evaluation of Small Molecule SecA Inhibitors against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus”. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry. .2015; 23: 7061-7068.

4. Jianmei Cui, Jinshan Jin,Ying-hsing, Hsiuchin Yang, Bowen Ke, Krishna Damera, Phang C. Tai, and Binghe Wang*. “Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Rose Bengal Analogues as SecA Inhibitors”. ChemMedChem. 2013; 8 (8): 1384-1393.

5. Binghe Wang,Phang C. Tai, Jianmei Cui,Arpana Choudhary, Chaofeng Dai, Krishna Damera, Weixuan Chen, Jinshan Jin, and Ying-hsieh. “SecA Inhibitors and Methods of Makingand Using Thereof”. USP201361824857.

6. Wenxuan Chen,Arpana Choudhary,Jianmei Cui, Jinshan Jin, Yinghsin Hsieh, Hsiuchin Yang, Phang C, Tai, Binghe Wang*. “SecA inhibitors: next generation antimicrobials”.Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2012; 21, 526-530.

7. Chaofeng Dai, Yunfeng Cheng, Jianmei Cui, and Binghe Wang.“Click Reactions Involving the Boronic Acid Moiety: Applications and Potential Issues”. Molecules, 2010, 15: 5768-5781.

8. Jianmei Cui,J.F.Leon, C. Mesangeau, B. Peres, J.E.Adkins, E.B.Furr, M. Arribas, T.L. Nolan, S.J. Cutler, W.E. Polgar, L. Toll, C.R. McCurdy. “Studies on the determination of the pharmacophoric elements of the naturally occurring opioid receptor agonist, mitragynine and related alkaloids from Mitragyna speciosa”.2008 CPDD Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 20-25, 2008.

9. Jianmei Cui,Gang Fang, Ya-Bo Duan and Song WU. “Total Synthesis of scutellarin-7-O-glu-curonide”. Journal of Asian Natural Products Research.2005; 7: 655-660.

10. JianmeiCui,Da-LiYin. “Study on the synthesis of chiral tricycle-H1 receptorAntagonists”.Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2005; 25 Suppl.1:82.

11. JianmeiCui,Da-LiYin, “Synthesis and resolution of 10-hydroxycyproheptadine”. Chinese Chemical letters.2006; 17(4):444-446.

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15. Ya-Bo Duan, Guo-Hong Zhang, Yi Li, Jianmei Cui,WU Song. “Facile synthesis of articaine hydrochloride”. Chinese Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.2004. 14: 109-111.

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