How to Apply (Graduate)

How to Apply to the Graduate Programs

Graduate admission is a collaborative effort between the Office of Graduate Services and the academic departments. The Office of Graduate Services oversees the application process, assigning an Academic Advisor by program of interest. Each department has a Graduate Coordinator who can provide information about degree requirements, resources and assistantship/fellowship opportunities. The Office of Admissions: Graduate Programs can be reached by phone 404-413-2694 or by email

Apply for Admission

When applying to our graduate programs, you will be submitting all the documentation to the Graduate Office; the Department of Chemistry does not gather any paperwork, so please do not send any documents to the department, as they will not be processed. Once your application is complete, the Graduate Office will send it to the department, where it will be reviewed and evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Committee. Your application will then go back to the Graduate Office, which will send you a letter of notification.

Apply Online 

Get Accepted

Nobody likes to wait, but unfortunately this is your next step. Your application, along with thousands of others, is being personally reviewed by the department’s Graduate Admissions Committee. You will eventually be notified regarding your acceptance as soon as possible.

Accept Our Offer

If you are accepted by the department, you will need to accept the offer and then make plans to join us downtown. The department should be in contact with you with updates on the start of the semester and what you need to do next.