Doctor of Philosophy

The Department of Chemistry administers a doctoral program designed to endow its graduates with the ability to approach fundamental scientific questions from both a biological and a chemical perspective. The program awards a Ph.D. in Chemistry with areas of specialization in the following core disciplines:

A Bioinformatics Option is available in each of the core disciplines.

A Ph.D. in Chemistry with a concentration in Geochemistry is also available in collaboration with the Department of Geology. See the Department of Geology section of the Graduate Catalog for details.

Program Requirements

I. Coursework
A minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework within the core curriculum
A minimum of 40 semester hours of research of which at least 20 semester hours must be Dissertation Research
An additional 10 hours of graduate course electives or research

II. Research Skill/Foreign Language
Proficiency in an approved research skill or a foreign language is required. An international student whose native language is not English may be exempted from the foreign language requirement by passing a language examination.
Students entering the program with an approved M. S. degree have satisfied this requirement.

III. General Examination
Students must pass a General Examination consisting of written and oral portions covering the core area representing the student’s major interest.

IV. Dissertation
A dissertation is required of all candidates for the doctoral degree. The student must complete a defense (oral) of the dissertation and submit an approved (signed) dissertation, which conforms to the College requirements/guidelines.

For complete degree requirements (including teaching requirements) please refer to the Graduate Student’s Guide to Department Requirements and Policies.