2018 GSU Chemistry Graduate Program Brochure (Brief)








2018 GSU Chemistry Research Programs (in-depth)









The Department of Chemistry has active research programs in each of these five areas and a bioinformatics option is available in each. Our students have the opportunity to conduct cutting edge research at the interface of chemistry and biology under the guidance of our dynamic faculty.

With millions of dollars in external research funds brought in annually, the Department is committed to and has the ability to maintain outstanding facilities to support research efforts. Such research activities are funded by prestigious national agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), Gates Foundation and the American Heart Association.

While the emphasis of our graduate program is in the training of scientists, we offer both a thesis and non-thesis master’s degree. Our research faculty and well over 100 graduate students, from countries around the world, make up the Georgia State Chemistry program. The environment here is energetic, scientific, collaborative. Our first PhD was awarded in 1986, and we have been a strong and growing program, ranked #42 by and also listed by the Carnegie Foundation among U.S. universities with very high research activity. In 2015, we awarded our 196th PhD, and by 2016, that number will climb to over 200. Each year, about twenty new students complete their master’s degree for more department statistics, please click here.

Program Requirements

Analytical Chemistry Faculties
Biochemistry Faculties
Biophysical/Computational Chemistry Faculties
Chemistry Education Faculties
Organic/Medicinal Chemistry Faculties
Geoscience Chemistry Program
Nutritional Science Chemistry Program

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