Welcome Letter

Dear Chemistry Department Community! Attention Students and Faculty!

We are very happy to inform you that the Chemistry Department now provides free tutoring service at the Chemistry Tutoring Center (CTC) for GSU students actively enrolled in

Chemistry for Citizens (Chem 1050)

Survey of Chemistry (Chem 1151, 1152)

Principles of Chemistry (Chem 1211, 1212)

Organic Chemistry I and II

Biochemistry I and II.

CTC welcomes everyone who needs help with grasping the material and finding their personal way to success in Chemistry courses.

CTC is now located in Courtland North, Room 217

Please direct your concerns and inquiries to

Dr. Elina Stroeva (estroeva@gsu.edu, office phone (404)413-5899, Courtland North, room 214) and

Dr. Jyotsna Thota (jthota@gsu.edu, office phone (404)413-5524, Courtland North, room 219).