Former Tutors

Current Tutors

Danielle Zamarelli

Danielle Zamarelli: I am a Pre-Medicine Post-Bacc Student at GSU. I graduated with a BSN from Emory in 2013 and work as a Critical Care RN for Emory Healthcare.








Omer Taric Mehovic

Omer Mehovic: I’m a sophomore at Georgia State University currently chemistry major with a pre-pharmacy track. I would like to attend Pharmacy school at the University of Georgia to earn doctorates in Pharmacy.







Robert Greene Hill

Robert Hill: 5th year senior majoring in Sociology with a concentration in PreMed. I’m a medical scribe at Piedmont Atlanta Emergency Department as well a Senior SI Leader for Anatomy and Physiology here at GSU. Prior to my current path I was part of Air Force ROTC in a joint program between GSU and GT. I’m an avid runner and enjoy spontaneously traveling. My current side project is the restoration of a 1975 Mercedes 450sl convertible.




LaScarlett Devonique Ross

Hello, my name is LaScarlett Ross. I am a junior here at Georgia State University. My major is in Film and Video with a minor in Chemistry. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend medical school and pursue a career as a physician. I look forward to working with you in the Chemistry Tutoring Center!







Version 2My name is Nicole Callery and I’m chemistry major here at Georgia State. Science was always my favorite subject in school, so when I began university as a freshman I came in as biology major. But as I began to take my general level chemistry courses, I discovered a new passion. So I switched over to the biochemistry concentration (the best of both worlds) and never looked back! When I’m not studying (which lets be honest, consumes most of my time) I enjoy traveling, concerts, and trying new things! I’m have a strong interest in environmental studies and hope to attend grad school soon to help sustain this beautiful planet that we call earth.


Elita Philana LernerElita Lerner: I enjoy balancing equations, and developing systematic action plans to tackle tough chemistry problems. Science is great and I would like to help you think so too!







DeniseDenise Myers: I grew up in rural Missouri and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Lousiana-Monroe. I enjoy the outdoors, sports, traveling, and learning. This is my fourth year at Georgia State University, I am finishing up my masters degree in Exercise Physiology. I have taught exercise physiology labs for three years, and enjoy helping explain complex ideas simply. I try to not use jargon that you can’t understand, give tips on how to remember things, and to think logically through your work.