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Dylan CoyleHi guys and gals! Having trouble understanding chemistry? Then come visit me in the Chemistry Tutoring Center with your questions! As one of those nerdy Chemistry majors, I (probably) have the answers.  When I’m not in the tutoring center, you’ll find me in the library, studying, in the gym, playing soccer, or at home, giving my dog a much needed belly rub after being gone all day.

Dylan Coyle




Andrew GlassHi I’m Andy Glass, a pre-medical postbaccalaureate student here at GSU. After graduating from Emory University with a degree in Film Studies in 2013 and working in film production, I decided to start my journey to become a doctor by returning to school in 2015. Outside of classes, I spend my free time climbing, backpacking, and adventuring with my Great Dane, Denver.


Sehyeon JungSehyeon Jung (Please call me ‘Sean’)

As of fall 2016, I am a second year undergraduate sophomore student majoring in Exercise Science.

I am originally from Korea. I have been in States for five years.

I am an enthusiastic gym rat. I enjoy when people ask me whether I am playing any sports.

I would like to become biggest Asian dude in the campus as soon as possible.

I got into training for martial arts and lifting because I need to become stronger version of myself, especially at the point I was severely bullied when I was in middle school. Funny thing is that some people say that I now look like a bully.  I also used to play baseball until my left elbow got worn out due to injury.

Good thing I can still pump iron without any troubles. I usually wear durag only because it is comfortable. Hence, I look very noticeable to public. I am genuinely interested in how human body works. This is main reason why I enjoy studying Science subjects.  My life purpose is to become self-actualized as well as help others to become healthier, happier, and more fulfilled in life. I will do my best to help others to understand concept that they are struggling in the classroom.


Meera PatelI am Meera Patel. I am a senior at Georgia State University currently a Chemistry major with Biochemistry concentration. I graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from India. In the future, I would like to attend Pharmacy School to earn Doctorates in Pharmacy.

I learn as I teach, and that is what I enjoy the most about tutoring. As a tutor, I have always been overjoyed to meet students studying different chemistry courses. I try to make learning a thrill in creative ways, while ensuring that the entire time spent with the student is edifying and productive.


Sean RonyaneSean Ronyane

I am a transfer student and this is my 2nd year at GSU. I am a  Chemistry major with a concentration in Biochem. I enjoy doing anything outdoors like hiking whenever I am not studying or working. It is here at GSU that I developed a strong interest in Chemistry and hope that i can help you to do the same.





Ameer TabbaaMy name is Ameer Tabbaa. I am a Pre-Med Junior at GSU pursuing a B.S in biology. I love playing basketball and soccer, and I love listening to rap music.