Frequently Asked Questions

CTC stands for Chemistry Tutoring Center. It is a center where you can get help if you have chemistry questions.
CTC is located in Rm 217, 2nd floor of Courtland North.
Courtland North is the brick building located next to the sports arena. The first floor entrance is on Collins street and the third floor entrance is located on Courland Street.
Tutors are appointed by cooridnators of CTC. Tutors are enrolled in GSU as students and have passed their chemistry courses with an A grade.
At CTC, help is provided in the following courses
Chem 1050
Chem 1151
Chem 1152
Chem 1211
Chem 1212
A list of concepts that you need help with
The problems that you need help with
Worksheets and handouts if applicable
As per policies, the tutors will not help you with the exams/quizzes/HW or any other assignment that you must turn in for points in your class. But they will guide you through the concepts and questions with the help of similar questions.
To check a current CTC schedule you need to go to CTC webpage.
Small snacks are allowed but we appreciate if you do not eat meals at CTC.
If you want to apply to be a tutor, please send an email to Dr. Stroeva (estroeva@gsu.edu)