Chemistry Education

The Ph.D. in chemistry with an emphasis in chemistry education is designed for an individual who intends to pursue a career in chemistry education research and teaching at the university, four-year college or community college level. The program will allow the individual to serve as a faculty member in a department of chemistry. The course work will include a background in a traditional area of chemistry as other Ph.D. students. Students will also complete selected course work in statistics, education, educational psychology and curriculum development. These courses will be determined by the student’s advisor in consultation with the thesis committee and the student. Students in the chemistry education program will also complete a one-year research project in a traditional area of chemistry (students who earned a research-based Masters degree in Chemistry will have already fulfilled that requirement).

New M.S. program available starting 2020! M.S. in Chemistry Education with a Teaching Certification (Different requirements than other MS degrees).

Chemistry Education Faculty

Dr. Suazette Mooring Associate Professor; Associate Director of Graduate Studies