Biochemistry research at Georgia State University involves understanding and evaluating chemistry and its application to the structure and composition of living organisms and their chemical reactions and relationships. Our faculty are involved in research that includes the study of molecular biology, enzymology, metabolic pathways and biochemical structures and sequences and includes the following specific research areas: mechanistic enzymology of redox enzymes, with a specific interest in flavin-dependent enzymes; heme uptake by pathogenic bacteria; chemical properties of biomolecules using an interdisciplinary approach that extends into the fields of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and molecular biology; transition of metal-containing proteins and protein-based free radicals and their medical relevance using a combination of biochemical, genetic, structural and biophysical spectroscopic tools; and the chemical, biological, material and environmental role of calcium and calcium binding proteins.

Biochemistry Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Dabney Dixon Professor; STEM Director
Dr. Giovanni Gadda Distinguished University Professor; Associate Chair
Dr. Kathryn Grant Professor; Graduate Biochemistry Advisor
Dr. Suri S. Iyer Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Lei Li Assistant Professor
Dr. Ming Luo Professor
Dr. Gregory Poon Associate Professor
Dr. Binghe Wang Regents’ Professor; GRA Eminent Scholar
Dr. Irene Weber Regents’ Professor
Dr. Jenny J. Yang Regents’ Professor
Dr. Jun Yin Professor