Drs. Keith Pascoe, Nilmi Fernando, & Joan Mutanyatta-Comar were awarded the Signature Experience Course Development Mini-Grant

Posted On April 19, 2017
Categories Department News

Dr. Pascoe, Dr. Fernando and Dr. Mutanyatta-Comar have been awarded the Signature Experience Course Development Mini-Grant by the Office of Special Programs, Office of the Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Success.


Extraction, Structural Elucidation and Biological Activity of the Chemical Constituents of Naturally Occurring Essential Oils

Course Description:

The Essential Oils Laboratory Course is designed as a CHEM4160 course which is a requirement for chemistry majors. Students will be introduced to some of the basic elements of natural products chemistry with particular emphasis on essential oils. Selected medicinal plants, well known spices and floral plants will be subjected to steam distillation to extract their oils. The oils will be physically, chemically and biologically examined for their constituents and properties.


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