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Markus Germann

Professor / Biophysical / Safety Director

1982   M.S.    Chemical Engineering Technikum Winterthur, Switzerland
1989   Ph.D.    Nucleic Acids Biochemistry University of Calgary, Canada
1990   Post Doc.   Physical Biochemistry University of Calgary, Canada


Research Interest:

DNA damage: Effect on DNA structure and repair/recognition by repair enzymes.  Unusual DNA constituents: To study and control DNA stability, recognition and dynamics. 
HIV- RNA binding Zinc fingers: Design, structure and combinatorial methods to generate small RREIIB RNA binding zinc fingers that inhibit rev binding and virus production. 
NMR imaging and Metabonomics


Representative Publications:

  1. MD and NMR Analysis of Choline and TMA Binding to Duplex DNA: On the Origins of Aberrant Sequence-Dependent Stability by Alkyl Cations in Aqueous and Water-Free Solvents. Portella, G., Germann, M.W., Hud, N. V. & Orozco, M.: Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2014) 136, 3075-3086.
  2. Molecular basis for sequence-dependent induced DNA bending. Rettig, M., Germann, M.W., Wang, S.  & Wilson, W. D.: ChemBioChem (2013), 14, 323-331.
  3. Insight into the modulation of Shaw2 Kv channels by general anesthetics: Structural and functional studies of S4-S5 linker and S6 C-terminal peptides in micelles by NMR. Zhang, J., Qu, X., Covarrubias, M. & Germann, M.W.: BBA – Biomembranes (2013), 1828, 595-601.
  4. Supercooled Aqueous NMR Using Agarose Gels. Spring, A.M., Germann, M.W.: Analytical Biochemistry. (2012), 427, 79-81.
  5. Structural Basis of the RNase H1 Activity on Stereo Regular Borano Phosphonate DNA/RNA Hybrids. Johnson, C.N., Spring, A.M., Shaw, B.R  & Germann, M.W.: Biochemistry (2011), 50, 3903-3912,
  6. An economy of chemicals: sea hare use sun-screening mycosporine-like amino acids as intraspecific alarm cues. Kicklighter, C.E., Kamio, M., Nguyen, L., Germann, M.W. & Derby, C.E.: PNAS (2011), 108, 11494-11499.

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