Tarushee Ahuja Lecturer
Stuart A. Allison Professor
Lenong Allison Lab Tech III
Doyle Barrow Part-Time Instructor / Instructor of Chemistry
Al Baumstark Professor / Organic
David W. Boykin Regents Professor, Emeritus/ Organic
Karen Brown CWCS Event Coordinator
Cassandra Bunyan Admin. Coordinator Sr./Asst. to Assoc. Chair
Charles Bush Stockroom Manager/NSC
Dunay Busto Lab Coordinator - 1211
Kessey Cham Lab Coordinator - 1212 & 2010
Yanyi Chen Academic Professional
David Connors Limited Term Lecturer
Jianmei Cui Academic Professional
Dabney Dixon Professor / Biochemistry / STEM Director
Zhenming Du Sr. Research Scientist/Director NMR Facilities
Ning Fang Associate Professor
Nilmi Fernando Lecturer
Giovanni Gadda Distinguished Univ. Prof. / Biochemistry
Markus Germann Professor / Biophysical / Safety Director
Olga Glebova Lecturer
Samer Gozem Assistant Professor
Kathryn Grant Professor/ Biochemistry
Jeneille Grant Administrative Specialist / Undergraduate Coordinator
Weiwei Guo Limited Term Lecturer
Donald Hamelberg Professor / Associate Chair / Grad. Director
Jeremiah Harden Senior Lecturer / Under Grad Co-Director
Maged Henary Assistant Professor
Benjamin Hsieh Dept Tech Coord
Zhen Huang Professor / Organic Chemistry/ Biochemistry / Bio-Analytical Chemistry/ Chemical & Structural Biology
Ivaylo Ivanov Associate Professor / Computational Chemistry
Suri S. Iyer Professor / Ctr for Diagn. & Therap
Jie Jiang Lecturer
Barbara Johns Lab Coordinator - 1151 & 1152
Nadine Kabengi Assistant Professor
G. Davon Kennedy Assoc. Prof. / Organic / Freshman Advisor
Tracy Kerr Lecturer
Kedayne King Administrative Specialist / Graduate Coordinator
Hamed Laroui Asst. Professor/ Biophysical / Grad. Biophys. Advisor
Brian LeCroix Lecturer
Wilson Lovett Admin. Specialist, Curriculum
Ming Luo Professor/Biochemistry
Victoria Mariani Senior Lecturer
Andrea Mezencevova Lab Coordinator
Suazette Reid Mooring Assistant Professor
Joan Mutanyatta-Comar Sr. Lecturer/ Under Grad Co-Director/ Pre-Med Advisory Committee Member
Angela Navarro-Eisenstein Senior Lecturer
Keith Osbourne Pascoe 34
Gabor Patonay Prof. / Analytical / BIS / Environmental Advisor
Gregory Poon Assoc. Professor/ Biophysical
Gigi B. Ray 34
Thomas Robilotto Lab Coordinator 1211, 3100, & 3110
Kenneth Schiano PC Systems Specialist
Shahab A. Shamsi Professor / Analytical
Marina Simms Grants and Contracts Officer II
Jerry C. Smith Assoc. Professor / Biophysical
Jing Song Lab Manager
Lucjan Strekowski Emeritus Professor
Elina Stroeva Lecturer
Carla Terry Mapp Part-Time Instructor/ Instructor of Chemistry
William Thacker Accountant III
Jyotsna Thota Senior Lecturer
Pedro Vasquez Senior Academic Professional
Binghe Wang Associate Dean for Research, Innovation, and Graduate Studies
Gangli Wang Assoc Professor / Analytical
Peng George Wang Chemistry Chair / Professor / Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Siming Wang Director of Mass Spectrometry Facility
Danzhu Wang Lecturer
Irene Weber Regents Professor / Structural Biology
W. David Wilson Regents Professor / Biophysical
Bin Xu Senior Academic Professional / Study Abroad Director / Exchange Coordinator
Hao Xu Assoc. Prof./Synthetic Chem./Chem. Biology
Jenny J. Yang Regents' Professor / Biochemistry
Jun Yin Assoc. Professor / Associate Graduate Director
Stephanie Young Business Manager III

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