Tarushee Ahuja Lecturer
Lenong Allison Lab Tech III
Stuart A. Allison Professor
Doyle Barrow Part-Time Instructor / Instructor of Chemistry
Al Baumstark Professor / Organic
David W. Boykin Regents Professor, Emeritus/ Organic
Karen Brown CWCS Event Coordinator
Cassandra Bunyan Admin. Coordinator Sr./Asst. to Assoc. Chair
Charles Bush Stockroom Manager/NSC
Dunay Busto Lab Coordinator - 1211
Kessey Cham Lab Coordinator - 1212 & 2010
Yanyi Chen Academic Professional
David Connors Limited Term Lecturer
Jianmei Cui Academic Professional
Dabney Dixon Professor / Biochemistry / STEM Director
Zhenming Du Sr. Research Scientist/Director NMR Facilities
Ning Fang Associate Professor
Nilmi Fernando Lecturer
Giovanni Gadda Distinguished Univ. Prof. / Biochemistry
Markus Germann Professor / Biophysical / Safety Director
Olga Glebova Lecturer
Samer Gozem Assistant Professor
Kathryn Grant Professor/ Biochemistry
Jeneille Grant Undergraduate Coordinator
Weiwei Guo Limited Term Lecturer
Donald Hamelberg Professor / Associate Chair / Grad. Director
Jeremiah Harden Senior Lecturer / Under Grad Co-Director
Maged Henary Assistant Professor
Benjamin Hsieh Departmental Technology Coordinator
Zhen Huang Professor / Organic Chemistry/ Biochemistry / Bio-Analytical Chemistry/ Chemical & Structural Biology
Ivaylo Ivanov Associate Professor / Computational Chemistry
Suri S. Iyer Professor / Ctr for Diagn. & Therap
Jie Jiang Lecturer
Barbara Johns Lab Coordinator - 1151 & 1152
Nadine Kabengi Assistant Professor
G. Davon Kennedy Assoc. Prof. / Organic / Freshman Advisor
Tracy Kerr Lecturer
Kedayne King Graduate Coordinator
Hamed Laroui Asst. Professor/ Biophysical / Grad. Biophys. Advisor
Brian LeCroix Lecturer
Wilson Lovett Admin. Specialist, Curriculum
Ming Luo Professor/Biochemistry
Victoria Mariani Senior Lecturer
Andrea Mezencevova Lab Coordinator
Suazette Reid Mooring Assistant Professor
Joan Mutanyatta-Comar Sr. Lecturer/ Under Grad Co-Director/ Pre-Med Advisory Committee Member
Angela Navarro-Eisenstein Senior Lecturer
Keith Osbourne Pascoe Senior Lecturer / Pre-Med Advisor / Organic
Gabor Patonay Prof. / Analytical / BIS / Environmental Advisor
Gregory Poon Assoc. Professor/ Biophysical
Gigi B. Ray Sr. Lecturer / Biochem UG Coord / Advisor STEM / Honors
Thomas Robilotto Lab Coordinator 1211, 3100, & 3110
Kenneth Schiano PC Systems Specialist
Shahab A. Shamsi Professor / Analytical
Marina Simms Grants and Contracts Officer II
Jerry C. Smith Assoc. Professor / Biophysical
Jing Song Lab Manager
Lucjan Strekowski Emeritus Professor
Elina Stroeva Lecturer
Carla Terry Mapp Part-Time Instructor/ Instructor of Chemistry
William Thacker Accountant III
Jyotsna Thota Senior Lecturer
Pedro Vasquez Senior Academic Professional
Danzhu Wang Lecturer
Siming Wang Director of Mass Spectrometry Facility
Peng George Wang Chemistry Chair / Professor / Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Binghe Wang Associate Dean for Research, Innovation, and Graduate Studies
Gangli Wang Assoc Professor / Analytical
Irene Weber Regents Professor / Structural Biology
W. David Wilson Regents Professor / Biophysical
Bin Xu Senior Academic Professional / Study Abroad Director / Exchange Coordinator
Hao Xu Assoc. Prof./Synthetic Chem./Chem. Biology
Jenny J. Yang Regents' Professor / Biochemistry
Jun Yin Assoc. Professor / Associate Graduate Director
Stephanie Young Business Manager III

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