Mass Spectrometry – Submissions

All samples submitted to the Mass Spec. Facilities must be accompanied by a Sample Submission Form (PDF or MS-Word format below). This form may be printed out, filled in print, and brought in with your sample.
Supervisor’s signature and account number are required. Another alternative is that your supervisor can send a request in writing to Dr. Siming Wang indicating that it is allowed for people in your group to submit samples for MS analysis without his/her signature. All other information in the form is needed to help the staff to choose the right instrument and technique for analyzing your samples. The samples should be submitted into the sample submission box outside of NSC 438A. If the sample needs special handling or need immediate attention, the facility staff should be contacted in advance for proper arrangement.
In general, samples are analyzed based on the order in which they are received unless advanced arrangements have been made. The MS analysis report will be sent to the sample submitter as an attachment through e-mail.
MS Sample Submission Form (PDF)  MS Sample Submission Form (DOC) 

The MS Facility Staff contact information:

Dr. Siming Wang

Dr. Siming Wang

Dr. Siming Wang
505 Science Annex (office)
404-413-5558 (office)
404-413-5494 (Lab)

Lenong Allison
438A natural Science Center
404-413-5494 (Lab)

For submitting samples from outside of GSU, advance arrangements should be made with Dr. Siming Wang. Then samples can be submitted to the following address:

Dr. Siming Wang
Mass Spectrometry Facilities
438A Natural Science Center
50 Decatur Street SE
Atlanta, GA 30303-3083

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