Message from the Chair

Dear Students, Parents, Alumni, and Friends.

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Georgia State University, where student success is our goal.

We are a strong and growing program offering the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. In a recent ranking by, GSU’s Chemistry program is ranked #42 using a combination of all five parameters listed (National Research Council Quality Measure, Research Productivity, Student Outcomes, Student Resources, and Diversity).

We have a very dynamic faculty conducting cutting edge research at the interface of chemistry and biology. Such research activities are funded by prestigious national agencies such as the NIH, NSF, American Heart Association, etc. Many of our faculty are world-renowned experts in their own field; and serve on review panels at agencies such as the NIH and NSF, on the editorial board of various journals, and as officers in various professional societies such as the American Chemical Society. The Department has two Regents' Professors, Drs. Dave Boykin and David Wilson, two Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholars, Drs. Binghe Wang and Peng George Wang, and seven Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scientists, Drs. Irene Weber, Markus Germann, Binghe Wang, Zhen Huang, Donald Hammelberg, and Aimin Liu. The Department is also home to the editorial offices of one book series entitled "A Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development," and two journals, Heterocyclic Communications and Medicinal Research Reviews. The latter journal was ranked #1 in Impact Factors (10.7) this year among 59 medicinal chemistry journals worldwide and #6 among 261 pharmacology- & pharmacy-related journals.

The Chemistry Department also boasts top-rated facilities in support of our research and teaching efforts, which include 6 high-field NMRs, 6 mass spectrometers including LC-MS, GC-MS, electrospray and MALDI MS, and high-resolution capability, and 4 surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instruments. Routine instruments include fluorometer, ICT, UV/vis, IR including total reflection IR, CE, HPLC, fluorescent microscope, etc. Instrumentation shared with the Biology Department includes environmental rooms as well as a centralized DNA and peptide synthesis and analysis facilities

Our high-quality faculty is devoted to teaching and working with both undergraduate and graduate students. Currently more than 600 undergraduate Chemistry majors are enrolled. Our Undergraduate Office, with Dr. Barrow as its Director and Dr. Harden Associate Director, is designed to be more than just a place for academic advisement. We want to be your home department and shepherd you through your challenging undergraduate years. The campus-wide pre-med advisor, Dr. Keith Pascoe, is a faculty member in the Chemistry Department. We would like to encourage you to take full advantages of his availability in Chemistry and get help from him early in planning your pre-med courses and packages. We also have Dr. Davon Kennedy, who devotes a substantial amount of his time to advising minority students. Overall, we have put mechanisms in place to help our undergraduate students succeed.

The Department has more than 120 graduate students as part of our dynamic graduate and research programs. Teaching and research assistantships are available to qualified graduate students. A limited number of fellowships including the Ambrose Pendergrast Fellowship, the David Withers Boykin Graduate Fellowship in Medicinal Chemistry and the Solvay Fellowship are awarded by the Department to outstanding Ph.D. students. In addition, approximately 10 graduate assistantships at $22,000 are offered in MBD (molecular basis of disease) and BB (brains and behavior) areas. We provide rigorous trainings for our graduate students, which prepare them for the real world. Job opportunities for our graduates include industry, government agencies such as the CDC, and academic institutions.

We welcome inquiries, questions, and suggestions and look forward to seeing you on the GSU campus.


Binghe Wang
Professor and Chair
Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar