W. David Wilson

W. David Wilson W. David Wilson
Chair and Regents' Professor
Graduate Biophysical Advisor
Biophysical Chemistry

B.S. (1966):  University of North Carolina
Ph.D. (1970) :  Purdue University
Postdoctoral Fellowship (1971) :  Purdue University

Dr. W. David Wilson
Department of Chemistry
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 3965
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-3965

Department Office Phone: 404-413-5500

Phone: 404-413-5503
Lab Phone: 404-413-5504
Fax: 404-413-5505
Office: 540 Natural Science Center

Research Interests

A number of collaborative projects are underway and all of them focus on the structure and interaction properties of nucleic acids.  We are investigating and developing a range of compounds that interact with different sequences and structures of DNA.  We are particularly interested in the design drugs that can inhibit specific organisms by forming complexes in the DNA minor groove at unique sequences and structures of DNA or RNA.  A range of solution and molecular modeling experiments are being conducted on minor groove complexes of compounds that interact with DNA oligomer sequences that mimic selected sequences from the organism to be targeted.  These studies lead to a molecular model of the complex as a computer model, and logical variations of the drug structure to enhance the DNA interactions can be proposed and initially tested in the computer.  We are particularly interested in developing new classes of agents that can interact with DNA as cooperative dimers.  Such compounds have the ability to simultaneously recognize both strands of DNA to significantly enhance interaction strength and specificity.  We are establishing rules for the specific interaction of heterocyclic dimers with DNA and we now have new types of compounds that can recognize a number of DNA sequences with high specificity. A model of a diphenylfuran dication that has undergone clinical testing is shown below.  The structure was obtained by X-ray crystallography by Stephen Neidle and coworkers at the University of London as part of a collaboration on the development of compounds to target the DNA minor groove.

 2,5-bis-(4-amidinophenyl)furan bound in the minor groove of DNAWe are also involved in a number of collaborative efforts to identify and characterize compounds that can bind to the DNA quadruplex that forms from the telomere sequence at the ends of human chromosomes or in some oncogene promoter regions.  Compounds that bind to the telomere quadruplex have the ability to inhibit the telomerase enzyme that extends the telomere to maintain the viability of rapidly dividing cells.  Since many human cancers require telomerase activity, inhibition of this enzyme is a very attractive method to selectively attack cancer cells.  A number of very promising compounds have been discovered and are now under study.  At the same time, we are searching for general principles that can be used in the design of quadruplex targeting compounds.

Our laboratory and the Chemistry Department have excellent equipment and facilities for studies of nucleic acids and their complexes.  We have BIAcore biosensor-surface plasmon resonance instruments, spectroscopy equipment, calorimeters that include isothermal titration and differential scanning instruments, and an outstanding array of NMR spectrometers.  We use Atomic Force microscopy and Mass spectroscopy equipment from the Departmental Core facilities.

All of these projects involve essential collaborations with other scientists at Georgia State University, at other institutes and universities, and in industry..

This image shows 2,5-bis-(4-amidinophenyl)furan bound in the minor groove of DNA. The binding site is composed of the sequence 5'AATT3' (the adenines are magenta, the thymines are orange). DNA minor groove binding compounds, such as this one, are prime candidates for new drugs  The crystal structure was obtained in a collaborative project with Professor Stephen Neidle.



Recent Publications from the Wilson Laboratory:


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Current Research Grant Support:


National Institutes of Health:  GM-61587;

"Sequence-Specific Recognition of DNA by a Dimer Motif."


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"Heterocycle Binding and Biology in the DNA Minor Groove."


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“Development of New Drug Candidates for Treatment of Human African Trypanosomiasis and Leishmaniasis.”


National Science Foundation:  CHE-0809162

"Self-assembly and Programmable Nuclear Permeable Polyamides That Target Specific DNA Sequences with Slow Off-rates and High Affinity: Development of a Molecular Toolkit”



Greater than 20 US Patents concerning minor groove binding heterocyclic cations.