Chemistry Department Events

Poster Day

The Department of Chemistry hosted its First Annual Poster Day on February 21, 2009.  In the past, we have participated in a Poster Day event with other departments.  But we have grown to the point that we needed our own functions.  It was a great success with 50+ posters, 4 platform presentations, and 6 invited prospective students. 

The purpose of the event is twofold.  First, it is an opportunity for our graduate students to see what the other research groups are studying.  Second, it is an excellent opportunity for prospective students to catch a glimpse of the diverse scientific research projects in which our groups are engaged.

Poster Day would be an excellent opportunity for Fall 2011 prospective students to visit our department, interview with faculty, tour labs, and see the various and exciting research projects of our graduate and undergraduate students. Prospective students interested in attending should submit their application by the Priority Deadline of January 15, 2011 for consideration. 

Poster Day 2011 will be on March 12, 2011.

Second Southeast Enzyme Conference

On April 10th 2010, the Department of Chemistry hosted the First Annual Southeast Enzyme Conference.  With 120 registered participants, 72 poster presentations, and 8 featured platform presentations, it was an immediate success.  Preparations are already under way for the Second Southeast Enzyme Conference, and the website will be up soon.  Please make plans to attend. 

The Program Chair for the Second Southeast Enzyme Conference will be Professor Nigel Richards of the University of Florida.  It will be held on April 2nd, 2011 in Atlanta.