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Undergraduate:Marquesha Jackson380 Petit Science
Graduate:Rita Bennett383 Petit Science

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Freshman Chemistry Registration

Chem 1211K is the prerequisite for all Chemistry and Biology courses at Georgia State University .  To register for Chem 1211K you must take the Chem 1211 Preregistration Test, or have earned a score of 2 or higher an tthe  AP Chemistry exam, or have passed a similar college-level course at another institution.

  • Please read the Chem 1211 Preregistration Test FAQ
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Undergraduate Advisement

As soon as you decide that you will be a chemistry major your should come to see a departmental advisor. Freshman and sophomores (under 60 hours) should see Dr. Davon Kennedy (; 404-413-5530), the department undergraduate coordinator, (; 404-413-5500), Dr. Joan Comar (, 404-413-6544) or Dr. Jeremiah Harden (, 404-413-5594). This advisement is in addition to any advisement by the honors program or academic advisement.

Students over 60 hours must see Dr. Joan Comar (, 404-413-6544) or Dr. Jeremiah Harden (, 404-413-5594) to plan the junior and senior year coursework. Many courses at the 3000/4000 levels have limited offerings so students who do not get advisement at 60 hours are much more likely to delay their graduation by a semester or more. Please sign up the appointment sheet for the current week outside their office doors. Availability of appointments does vary from semester to semester.

Pre-medical or pre-dental student should also speak with Dr. Keith Pascoe (; 404-413-5536), the pre-medical and pre-dental advisor.

If you plan to apply to the Georgia State University graduate chemistry program see the Graduate Coordinator, Marquesha Jackson, for requirements ( 404-413-5525).  If you are planning to apply to a graduate program elsewhere, you will be working with your research advisor.

Current Syllabi, Class Notes, Study Questions, etc.

Lab classes

Please read the Laboratory Requirements & Policies before the first lab period.

STEM Resources

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program is here to help you make the most of your education – in the classroom, in the laboratory, and through internships.

The Georgia State STEM site. is a portal website supporting pathways to the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Particular emphasis is placed on connecting traditionally underrepresented groups with STEM programs and resources, including funding and mentoring opportunities.

Undergraduate Portal
(for thoseseeking REU and other Summer Programs)

Graduate Portal
(for AGEP, GK-12, IGERT National Recruitment Program, MS PHD’S and NSF Grad Research Fellowships)

More questions? Contact Dr. Gigi Ray.

Study Abroad in China

The Study Abroad in China program is designed to offer students opportunities to learn global trends in pharmaceutical development through a culture and language prism in an exemplary emerging market: China. The 4-week program in Beijing China, will include formal lectures discussing general topics about pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology including history and developmental trends. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive 3 semester hours of course credit at Georgia State University. Undergraduate students should register for CHEM4160, BIOL4915, or NEUR4980. (This program is equivalent to the undergraduate research activity required for graduation for chemistry major undergraduate students.) Students from other institutions should follow their school’s regulations concerning transfer credits. Consult the brochure for additional information.

Undergraduate Research

The Department of Chemistry at Georgia State University faculty is devoted to teaching and working with both undergraduate and graduate students.  For information on conducting undergaduate research at Georgia State Chemistry or summer research here and elsewhere  please consult the Undergraduate Resarch in Chemistry FAQ.

Job Hunting

If you would like a letter fo recommendation from a professor you will need to fill out a Chemistry Grade Release Form and give it to the faculty member from whom you wish to obtain a letter of recommendation.

Dr. Dixon's hints for writing a resume and a sample resume.

The Georgia State University STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program.
      Paid internship working with the Glactone Project

Careers in Chemistry - Career Descriptions from the American Chemical Society.